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Rise of the Mages and it’s prequel novella, Abuse of Power, are both now available on Amazon at:

Rise of the Mages
Abuse of Power

Next up – Repulsive will be available on Amazon on October 18, 2016.


Zack Zurick loves superheroes. Lives them. Knows everything about them. If he could only become one of them, maybe the money and power would make Hayli see him as something other than a friend.

Hey, it’s possible he could be chosen to join their ranks. After all, he does have an alliterative name and is a classic underdog.

When he becomes Repulsor, his powers make it painful for Hayli to even look at him. Talk about a kick in the gut. And the whole saving-the-world thing turns out to be harder than he thought, too. The villains have teamed up, and the heroes have a traitor in their midst. Zack must figure out who’s betraying them and capture enough of the bad guys to restore balance—all while not getting killed.

Right. Why not just go ahead and win the girl while he’s at it?

Maybe he could. If she weren’t dating the most popular and most handsome and richest hero of them all. And if only he weren’t … Repulsive.

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